• Skydiving cover

  • Are you a skydiver? Do you have questions about life insurance? If so, you’ve come to the right place. First off… Skydiving is considered a hazardous activity by life insurance companies. You are probably here because you have one of two questions: Can I get life insurance if I’m a skydiver? And how much will it cost?

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    When sourcing the most suitable product for you we can take into account Licence type, jump numbers and even if you have been on a recognised canopy course. Here are some examples

  • Different companies have different underwriting criteria, Chris Southworth, as a skydiver himself, made it his goal to understand these inside out. Why would they be happy with someone doing up to 100 static line jumps a year and as soon as you do a freefall then they will load your policy?

    Rather than just apply we take into account your individual circumstances and will them make a recommendation as to which policy would best suit your needs after understanding where you fit into the many different companies criteria. Some of the things that will bring down your premium are, membership of the British Parachute Association *, attending a canopy course, use of an AAD, no displays or record attempts and not doing high performance turns.

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